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Updating your Telecoms system

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The benefits of updating your Telecoms system

"We have highlighted just a few ways updating your telephone systems can bring a simplistic and efficient user and customer experience."

In very simple terms, telecommunications systems refer to a range of information transmitting technologies - including telephones, satellites, radio and television broadcasting – and in recent years, telecoms systems have advanced significantly. In this blog we have highlighted just a few ways updating your telephone systems can bring a simplistic and efficient user and customer experience.

Modernised features:

Switching over to a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system from more traditional telephony offers numerous modernised features. One such benefit includes call diversion, enabling diversions to be placed on your business line. If you are heading out of the office, you can divert further business calls to your preferred handset and number.

VoIP is also extremely multifunctional and it can handle any kind of communication, whether voice or data, including phone calls, faxes, voicemail, email and web conferences.

Reduced costs:

With a basic telephone provider, you are most likely to be paying for a single telephone line. If you wanted to add to the amount of telephones within your business, this will probably be costly. Modernised systems like VoIP enable you to add extensions for little to no extra cost, whilst syncing them to the same number.

In addition to enabling unlimited extensions, VoIP also allows lower cost calls. Non-VoIP phone billing is typically billed by minutes of usage. VoIP is different: phone conversations are treated as data passing through your IP network.

Improved customer service:

Updated telecoms systems enable an improved service not only for the user, but also for the customer. There are numerous call management techniques provided by VoIP that enable incoming calls to be handled quickly, even when lines are busy. Customer service features include digital receptionists and on-hold music.

VoIP also enables the easy transfer of calls, which is a good feature when the call needs to be passed on to another colleague. Calls can additionally be routed to a specific employee that possesses the best skills to take care of an inquiry. On the other hand, your business can also provide callers with the ability to select a service from a variety of options.

Multi-site capabilities and improved mobility:

VoIP allows for all premises to be synced as one unified and integrated phone system, which is handy for businesses that have numerous offices in a variety of locations. Further, users can log-in to their telephony solution from any device that has an internet connection, which is perfect for companies with employees located at remote sites or are home-based. Such features make employees accessible – in or out of the office – as they can use the same number virtually anywhere, providing the device has reliable IP connectivity.

We are all for saving money while ensuring productivity remains at the highest level. For more information on upgraded telecoms options for your business, contact us at SA1 Telecoms on 01792 439087.

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