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A stormy situation for businesses

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A stormy situation for businesses

"VoIP systems also have the advantage of reducing telecoms costs as calls are made using the internet rather than traditional phone lines."

There are so many different elements that business leaders have to juggle to ensure the smooth running of their company. A lot of these can be managed with appropriate planning, with a clear plan of action if a problem was to arise. Most people will think of unhappy customers or staff resigning when considering problems that can occur in a business. But what about when natural disasters strike, like the recent Storm Callum?

In the UK, having a natural disaster crisis plan is rarely a priority for business owners. The disruption that was caused to businesses as a result of the storm however, may make some managing directors think twice about this.

Many businesses are still trying to cope with the impact of the storm. Whether a workplace was inaccessible or employees were unable to make it safely to the office, businesses are facing a loss of income and even a damaged reputation as a result of not being able to operate properly because of the storm. This has left companies considering how to defend themselves against such a disaster happening again in future.

Cloud-based communications offer a solution to protect the operations of a company during testing times. Telecoms systems such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for example, allow users to make and receive calls using the internet. This has the advantage of offering incredible flexibility and mobility. The communications system means users can access it at any location with an internet connection and device to call from, making it extremely useful for staff members who cannot make it to the office during adverse weather, for instance. They can work as they usually would in the office, but from home, therefore keeping the business running as usual.

VoIP systems also have the advantage of reducing telecoms costs as calls are made using the internet rather than traditional phone lines. With this cloud-based system, you therefore also don’t have to worry about phone lines being damaged if your business premises are compromised.

For companies that are considering changing their communications systems to avoid any disruption to business operations, experts in these systems will be able to assist you to ensure your system and business’ functionality continue to run smoothly, should disaster strike.

If your company’s operations were negatively impacted as a result of Storm Callum and you would like more information on enhancing your telecoms system, call us at SA1 Telecoms on 01792 439087.

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"SA1 Solutions have been extremely efficient with getting the new warehouse’s communications set-up to facilitate the transition to the new site and the consolidation of our operations in Swansea. Centralising our operations and having a site with the capacity for growth will not only increase jobs in the area, but streamline the business as a whole for better productivity and efficiency throughout the business. Having a reliable and responsive communications system and team in place is essential to this."

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