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Key facts about VoIP

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Key facts about VoIP

"VoIP phone systems allow you to go beyond the limitations of fixed line phone networks, therefore enabling greater mobility."

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is one of the preferred communications systems for businesses, particularly small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). But what’s so good about this favoured system that allows us to use the internet for phone services?

Here are some facts and stats about VoIP, which help outline its growing popularity and benefits to businesses:

Cheap communications

VoIP systems do not have the same tariff regulations as traditional landline phone systems. Plus, there are no interconnection charges with VoIP as there is with mainstream telephony providers.

According to Toolbox, some businesses are able to save as much as 75 per cent when they make the switch from landline services to VoIP.

It can also be the case that if you and the person you are calling both have the same VoIP provider, you can talk for free. Think WhatsApp – you are able to call your contacts for free as you are both using the internet to enable the call, rather than a telephone service provider.

Better mobility

VoIP phone systems allow you to go beyond the limitations of fixed line phone networks, therefore enabling greater mobility. This can be a big plus for small businesses looking to travel to secure new business opportunities for growth. It also means you can set your office up in a new location or simply work on the go, as long as you have an internet connection.

Hassle-free communications

With VoIP, you don’t have to worry about managing the maintenance of the system – this is all done by the service provider, as it is a hosted service often off premises. This means one less thing for you to deal with, leaving you with more time to spend on running your business.

The rise of VoIP and fall of landlines

According to OFCOM, the number of business lines fell by 7 per cent in 2016. This was largely because of the increasing use of managed VoIP services.

A growing VoIP market

According to a report by Zion Research, global demand for the VoIP services market was worth over USD 83 billion in 2015, and is expected to reach over USD 140 billion in 2021, showing the growing prevalence of VoIP services.

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