File storage and central application management.

The key network component.

Although cloud computing has taken a lot of the workload from servers, they still hold a key positioning a networking system. Servers have many different functions and are an important part of your computer network, if you do not have the correct server functionality you could be holding your business back. This is why many companies choose to go down the route of server outsourcing.

Benefits of outsourcing your server functionality:

Reduction in Cost

Having your own in-house server is a massive financial investment for a company, outsourcing your server means your company not only saves money on hardware costs, but also on manpower to support and monitor the server.

Greater support and reduced risk

Paying for outsourced server support is much cheaper than paying to support your own server and storing your servers or renting virtual space in a dedicated facility eliminates many potential risks, such as management, security, downtime and data loss.

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Scalability and flexibility

How do you know your business may not need to upscale or downscale? If you have your own server, you are fixed to the limits of that server. A change like this on an outsourced server can be done within a few minutes and is much more flexible.

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A lack of capacity can threaten business growth which can have devastating impact on overall revenue and profitability. The problem with capacity is you usually don’t realise how much you need until you run out. With outsourcing yore server functionality, increasing capacity is much simpler and quicker.

Why SA1 Servers?

Here at SA1 Solutions’ we are extremely proud and protective of the server set up we have created. We are one of the only Managed Service Providers that can boast our own data centre, that is build, tested and maintained by our engineers. As part of our data centre we have our own in-house server system and provide on and off-site server storage and support.

Our in-house server system is temperature and humidity controlled, with text message alerts to members of staff if limits are hit. We have a full fire suppression system as well as a fire-alarm system that is connected to the emergency services for DR purposes. Our servers are also constantly, automatically backed up to servers are various locations to ensure complete consistency and uptime are maintained, as well as allowing us to take pride in our strong DR plan.

To prove the strength of our server offering we run our while business on our own server offering. If it’s good enough for our customers its good enough for us.

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"SA1 Solutions have been extremely efficient with getting the new warehouse’s communications set-up to facilitate the transition to the new site and the consolidation of our operations in Swansea. Centralising our operations and having a site with the capacity for growth will not only increase jobs in the area, but streamline the business as a whole for better productivity and efficiency throughout the business. Having a reliable and responsive communications system and team in place is essential to this."

Matthew Harvey
Group Finance Director at Dr Organic
CCNSP Cyberoam Certified Network & Security Professional
CompTIA Accredit UK Trustmark plus Solutions & Support
CompTIA IT business Trustmark
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Microsoft Partner Silver
Dell Partner Direct Premier